sigh that sao fishing event has really messed me up… I get like a little bit of a freakout mode when i see those boxes on the ground but then im like oh wait that events over you idiot. x.x

I just noticed that the sweet ribbon starlet wig makes little hearts its so cute! (sorry if this is old new to everyone else but it new to me)

New gacha? pfft Im not gonna buy those!

*20mins later*

Im weak…


Anyone want to have their character doodled? I feel like doing a few little drawings. Might just be a cute little chibi or something else. Reblog this post with good reference of your character. Please include name and server!

I’ll accept 10 people max for now.

*Please note my art skills aren’t that great. Won’t be any awesome computer done drawing but hey, free art is free art.

I’m not sure if you still sketching but here mine

kitteykat74 of tarlach



Guys warning on the tarlach server don’t buy this book it’s already used! If it doesn’t have the star seal thing on it then it’s used.

So um banquet just started and i was already in the chair against the wall on the far left suddenly my camera jumps to being at the door? Camera I’m not over there please go back q-q

It’s 10am I just woke up and I start clearing my inv out I turn away for not even 5 seconds cause my cat wanted to be running around like an idiot I look back I’m in deadly. No neid. I was not in the mood for your shit this early in the morning… The sewing pattern was basic leather armor bleh.

TRACK: What's in the Box? - Kirby Air Ride

At this point this is the song that comes to my mind when I think of event boxes. Then again it’s probably cause I played kirbys air ride so much when I was little. (btw no i did not get another box)

So i was talking to a friend saying the spot we are fishing at is cursed with no boxes. We move to a different side of the lake and an hr later I get the other swimsuit I wanted…

OMG OMG I JUST FISHED IT UP YAY *cries hysterically in the corner*